sept 30 2019

During  Memorial Day I did a little demolition on Topaz.  The wood face that is infront storage area in the galley area, that has two smoke glass sliders is rotten and I took a hammer to it and tore it out. cut new wood, primed 2 coats and painted white, waiting to install. and cut a new laminate piece for refer
also I pulled off the laminate on the refer and plan on redoing it. it was getting dirty, painted, and epoxied (I was using the area as a work area and didn't protect it plus, also it was pulling up in one area. I don't think I let the contact cement dry enough anyway) the laminate was easy to pull off. Will try again. I also painted the area above the refer. waiting for it to dry before applying laminate. then apply the new wood face. got the solar panels working


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