About Me

Welcome to SV topaz, my name is Rock Richardson, I am 66 years old, single, not necessarily  looking for a girlfriend, divorced and still friendly with my ex.  I have been working on Topaz for just over a year, when bought her and, thankfully, I am about done. I had a 100 ton license but let it lapse when I moved to New Mexico. I raised my family in  pensacola and have raced, sailed  to Mexico, a number of times, Costs Rico, Panama,  Galapagos islands. had two other boats, refurbished a wooden Chesapeake skip jack and chartered her and now I am ready to go south

 I bought Topaz in Indiantown Fl in March of 2019 when I moved back to Florida. I motored through lake Okeechobee and down the Calaoosahatchee river through locks and under bridges and parked her behind a house on a canal that I am renting in Cape Coral, fl

 Just over three years ago and within three days I came down with something that caused me to be unable to walk, talk or write my name. I was air lifted to Colorado hospital for a month. they never figured it out (I had 6 neurosurgeons) I think I was poisoned by something.  When I got out of the hospital an returned to Santa Fe, NM.  I spent the next 6 months leaning to walk, talk and write. After three years about I am about 90% better. my balance sucks but I can get by OK. I have always been active. I was a card dealer at a casino, did overnight hikes to very remote locations, high in the Sangro Mountains, love to ride my motorcycle, then boom, in matter of three days my life changed dramatically. Currently I am getting much better but its very slow ! my balance sucks but not bad  so I bought a sailboat (makes sense) and started working on it, now I am just about done and I am ready to go, but hurricane season is just a few days off, so I'll stay in Cape Coral for the hurricane season instead of going south.  I have a dog, Bailey (male, Australian sheep dog) so he gets a reprieve for a while. when I leave I will need some help.



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