Damn its hot.

Added vertical supports to the dodger, now it's lot stronger and sturdy when I grab it for balance.
Got two big terminal blocks for the DC side of the electrical panel in a attempt to clean up the wires, the spaghetti of wires looks much cleaner now, ordered two more blocks for at shore power side.  Sewed and put up a sun shade over the boom, now the interior is much cooler.
Had the shore power connected for the first time, work great. I was woking on the the propane system and  found I had a solenoid in the galley as well as at the tanks and my and my on/off switch (which is supposed to open the solenoid at the tanks) was not working. so I  connected both solenoid wire's to the  electrical 15 amp panel switch  so now I have a  gas stove that works, providing the switch is flipped... progress !!!

done sweating ... take a shower....drink a beer

I am done


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