removed table wings

I've been wanting to do this for a long time. I removed the main table wings. It seems they were always in the way. Every time I worked in the bow  or saloon I would have to deal with these large fold up extensions, so I took them off and now its like a hi-way thru the salon, so much more room, have a great middle area for stuff, mostly wine bottles. No more bumping, having to fold up the wings and crawl beneath them.

I was filling up my bow tank and noticed the water level was dropping, thought LEAK. I removed everything in the bow, tools, battery, but found no leak. then I saw water on the port side by the by the port tank.  I took off the wood layer to see the port tank leaking from the filler top. it was getting so much water,  how could this be possible ?

At first I thought the bow tank must attache to the port tank, then realized no that could not be because each tank  is controlled under the galley with valves. then it hit me, I went to the galley and realizes I had both the bow tank and port tank open, water from the bow was going to the galley and then to the port tank, I closed the port tank and now everything is good.

finished cleaning up the wire behind the panel


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