sea cock covered ?

July 30, 2019

I was looking at my thru holes and realize that my Raratan water heater was sitting on a  box fiberglassed onto the hull and deep in the cockpit locker and it turned out the box was sitting on the cockpit draining thru hole and I could not reach it if I needed to turn it off, this could be very dangerous if not disastrous.  I removed the water heater, removed the box and now have access to the thru hole. quite a job, buts it done
It  was a 110 volt heater and could only be used at a marina. if on the hook it was no good at all. Made a decision that  I didn't need it, I had to cut a lot of hoses, Plugged the in line water feed with a plug and and a hose clamp.

my next project installing a below deck autopilot

Its too hot


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