June 23, 2019

Got a good deal on a VHF radio with AIS. Installed it on the ceiling above chart table.  I destroyed the ceiling pane and had to make a new one. I glue (5200 adhesive) a  piece of wood and attached to the fiberglass ceiling  where the unit is to secure  but its installed and working.  in my hast to re wire I cut the antenna wire and had to splice it it back together. another job done.

Its getting hot !! , may go to the Georgia mountains for a few days where I hope its cooler.

I haven't sailed the boat for fear of not being able to turn it around in my canal. had a really rough time turning it around (I have to have her pointed down the canal to leave) when I purchased the boat and it has scarred me ever since.   Today, by myself, I turned the boat around, and turned it back around using ropes, very successful, I now feel like I can take the boat out and start using her.

The major work is finished and she is ready to go

I am going to add grab holds to the inside on the salon so I don't fall on my ass, I knew the leafs I took off the table would come in handy, sending them to a wood worker


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