Heat, Sweat, and Work

July 18, 2019

just got back from a glamping in the blue ridge mountains with my dog (Bailey). No cell phones, no computers, just a fire pit , tent, nice bed, and all the convenances , very nice, peaceful and cool.

I am back to heat, sweet, and work on Topaz.
Ordered a B&G autopilot system, hydraulic ram, computer, rudder angle and compass also
a B&G wind (WS310), depth, speed, and temp and 2 triton monitor so I have a lot of work ahead of me.

was working on the air conditioning but can't get the water pump going (it just smokes) I have two a/c units the captains is a 9 but and the birth,saloon is a 16 but. the
9 btu unit works ok but the 16 but causes the breaker to go off.  I give up

An A/C tech is coming tomorrow to figure it out.

Also put up two large grab rail in the saloon, on port and starboard and secured wires in the cockpit settee  also put  a floor in the settee as well, can now store crates flat.


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