when will it be done ?


I put up new moulding on the ceilings also built two hand holds on the ceilings in the salon

 I  received a box full of autopilot parts and other parts, computer, rudder feed, GPS,  two triton screens, an auto pilot controller, NMEA 2000 wire and connections, depth speed and temp transducer,  more NMEA 2000 wires, wind indicator, but no hydraulic ram (attaches to the rudder post) (back ordered) also  no  steering post ram (also back ordered)

Can't put the depth and wind till I haul out and pull the mast

Will connect everything to NMEA 2000 to all parts which will let all the parts talk to each other on one screen, I have two screens plus a chart plotter

last big items for now, Autopilot and Wind & Depth then I can relax.

also waiting on the a/c water pump, finally have ac in the aft quarters.  found out the forward ac is junk and unusable don't plan on replacing it. don't plan on using it anyway will tear it out  at some time.

also, good new and bad news, good news, replaced a broken dog on the hatch (screw like object that tightens the hatch so no water enters, a real pain. bad news, while  replacing the broken hatch dog, the hatch fell and the plexiglass shattered.  so I had to take out the plexiglass and have a new one made, waiting on the silicone/adhesive to put the new glass back in. At least I'll have a new hatch lens, unless I break it again.


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