save our planet


Are you a gambling man or woman ?

Climate change may be a hoax, but are willing to bet your children's or your grandchildren's life on it. ?
If its not a hoax but is real then the next generation may won't live to see their golden years.
You and I will be fine, we will die some way but it won't be from the earth burning up.

Our atmosphere is the only thing keeping us safe from our sun. If it weren't for our atmosphere we would be another dead planet circling the sun and we are destroying our atmosphere very quickly, very quickly.

Our atmosphere isn't that thick but rather thin.

plants take C02 and turns it into O2 which is very good because C02 destroys the atmosphere

Volcanos, fire, gasoline and coal all flood the air with C02.

Feel like gambling ?  Be concerned about the planet's health


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