hurricane watch


Looks like hurricane Dorian is pounding the Bahamas, my prayers go out to them, its gotta be rough. My area looks to be out of the initial danger but I'll feel better when it goes north of me. Just waiting.

Took the Jib, Bimini, and Dodger off the boat,  I haven't taken off the main, the mizzen, or the solar panels, still waiting.

I was working on the stern and standing on my dinghy when all of a sudden the floor gave out.
That was just before I thought the storm was going to run me over.

I took the dinghy to a repair facility and they said it would cost more than the dinghy was worth, and that a  new one would cost about the same as it would cost to fix mine, bummer. Went home and ordered a new one, expensive, bummer.

After thinking about, and watching YouTube it I decided to repair the old dinghy. Took the floor completely off and will attempt to glue it back on then will attempt to sell it, if I take it slow and follow all the directions and use the correct materials it should be as good as new, I hope.  I see no reason to  throw it away. Anyway now I have a new project.

I love boating!!


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