OUCH !! D#$%^ , S&#* , F*&^#


Well I did it ! almost took my big toe off.  Damn it hurt !!

I needed a level platform to set the heater so I on was grinding the fiberglass
 interior of the cockpit settee, (yes I had my full suit on, a respirator, and goggles) it was extremely hot and it was so much fun, not!!   I need to grind down the hull so I could fiberglas a wooden  platform

After I finished grinding I went in and took a shower, cleaned up and decided to vacuum up the dust.

The hatch was open and I was bringing a shop vac on board  Iwas climbing on board with the shop vac when it hit the open hatch door, it slammed shut, unfortunately my big toe as in the wrong place. it happened so fast that my other foot came down on the top of the closed hatch with my toe under underneath, damn it hurt !!! I quit for the day and nursed my toe back to heath.

Anyway  I am not sure how I got the heater out, but it would  not fit in the cut out in the owners cabin, it was almost an inch to small. I cut out the inch and all was good. after a few trips to the hardware store, I was able to finally hook up the hot water heater. (still have to hook up the coolant hose but that should be easy, famous last words).

the heat exchanger got new end plates and passed the pressure test. its clean and put back on.

I also got a new dinghy, its a 10 foot Achilles hypalon.

I was standing on the the old dinghy when the floor gave out, I am in the process of trying to glue it back on.  well see if it works fingers crossed.

I took it get repaired but the guy told me the dinghy was not worth what it would cost me. Ill just do it myself
I filled it up with water and had a few leaks.  Try, try again. Nothing a little 5200 and more glue to fix it.



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