really ?


Finished the water heater set up,  running the coolant thru it, hope it works, on to flushing the  old coolant

I got everything ready to flush the
coolant. Took the thermostat out and it was a bitch to get the gasket and cover back on, bought a new gasket,  but didn't seem to line up so I bought material and made my own. Finally got the cover and gasket back on. Added some flushing mixture finished up with water and tried to start the engine.
it doesn't want to start, ugh !!!

Turns over great, fuel is good. and I bleed the whole system fuel flowed from all the lines, air is good, haven't looked at the compression.

before I worked on the autopilot, heater exchange, thermostat, and water heater, the engine  started great. Always started right off the bat. Now I am looking at a  circuit breaker on the engine, can't seem to find it. also I noticed that the button in the cockpit doesn't want to start the engine. Have to go to the key by the engine,  I am sure that has something to do with it, frustrating !!!  I'll keep looking, but may have to call in a mechanic, ugh !!  more money.  just don't need this.

Next day

Found it!!!!, I guess I accidentally hit the transmission into a reverse mode. This stopped
the engine from starting. It tuned over great but would not start. put in neutral, and it started right away.

Back to flushing


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