when will it end


Its been a week !!, yes it has.  I flushed our the cooling system. I first drained it, then use tap water to flush out the left over coolant, then I flushed out using distilled water and a flushing agent, then flushed with distilled water, then added coolant.. after all that, it ran hot !  I  opened a cockpit settee and saw a good size leak, it came from an old coolant hose, very hard to get to. I was able to see it but had to use a reciprocating saw to cut the hose clamp and part of the hose to release it from the pipe. On  other end, I had to do the same thing. I replaced the hose and it was a bitch to get on both ends of  the pipe and using a lot of oil, and a lot of pushing and cursing, I finally got it on.

The engine still was overheating, damn!!, after some research I decided that I had a air lock in the system so I loosed the bolts on the thermostat  to let the air out, still overheating....., I loosened the temp sender and with the engine running.  I loosened it thinking It would let the air out and I loosened to much and the whole thing came out, the only thing coming our was steam, no fluid ???

The next day I put everything back and added more coolant, lots more. It got better, added more coolant and started and stop several times. I  worked, the temperature was steady at 180-200.  Only took 3 days.

Getting  the hose to fit pretty much destroyed the insulated HVAC hose coming from the AC unit. So I replaced it, it was old . had to cut a new opening  in the plywood panels under the mattress to get to it.  anyway its all done

Also put the jib on the roller furling, thanks to hurricane Dorian, and got it wrapped up.  First day of little wind.

Cleaned up and organizing, very soon

lets go sailing !!!!


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