One hell of week


Well it's been a hell of a week. I just got my computer back from the shop after almost two weeks. the part they ordered didn't work and they had to order a another one. but thats not the real story.

I thought I had the overheating worked out guess not.  I decided to go sailing for a few days, go out and anchor in a nice cove, do a little sailing. But less than a mile from the dock it started to overheat. I turned around came back to my dock, by this time the engine was really hot. got the boat tied up, turned the engine off and walked slowly towards the house. After a while I went back out to the boat filled the coolant tank with almost 2 gallons of coolant, hmm, there must be a leak somewhere.  After inspecting the still hot engine, I found the leak, a coolant hose clamp that was loose and fluid was draining out, I tightened the hose clamp and went to start the engine, after cranking the engine (it always started right away),  a ton of smoke filled the engine area, and it would not start. I gave up and called a mechanic. it turns out that I had blown the head gasket. I am now in the process of tearing the engine apart.

The head is off and doesn't look like anything else is damaged. while the head is off, I plan on doing a valve job and a few other jobs, I thought about overhauling the entire engine but the cost is over $7000 and a new beta is about $16000, that is with me removing and  installing.  So the head goes back on. Rebuilding a 30 year old engine doesn't  make a lot of sense so I would go the a new one.

I should have everything back together by next week , I hope.

it never ends

not going anywhere quick



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