getting close


Still waiting on the mechanic to put my engine back together.  (Tuesday I hope)
I put a new piece of  tubing on the engine blower
Cleaned the very deep bilge, added a false floor (if you drop anything in the bilge its gone forever)
Re sewed the mizzen sail stackpak and  added small cleats on the mizzen and main mast
in the process of varnishing the interior (never ending) also made custom dinner table that wraps around the mast (saves a lot of room in the salon)

Going to haul out at Glades Just north of LaBelle Fl in late November. Remove the mast and put a new base at the bottom, cut off about 2 inches off the mast and also add a new wind index, new lights and wiring while out I will install a depth, speed and temp transducer where the old one is (old one not working). also adding a seacock where an old speed transducer  was (doesn't work)  for a anchor wash down pump , wow, then prepare for going south Jan 1


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