Still Waiting on engine parts

Still waiting on the installation of the engine head. The head is OK passed all the tests so it will be put back on. The manifold had some issues but nothing Westerbeke can't fix. New gaskets, a few new parts and money will fix everything. at least I will get a top end overhaul.  Parts are ordered and hopefully next week I'll get the engine working.

In the mean time, I started varnishing the interior teak. There is a lot of teak, one big plus for fiberglass,  also working on the trim around the newly vanished galley.

also working on adding a drop down table connected to the mast

Haul out on Nov 26. Dropping the mast and adding new wind, lights and mast base
also adding new depth speed and temp. have a thruhole in the bow for an old speed that doesn't work and I plan on adding a wash down pump there. after haul out I am free to go anywhere I want, Ya.

Still need to cut the floor  in the galley so I can access, easier, two thruholes. why put thruholes in areas that are difficult to access ? Been putting it off.


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