damn !!!


I am planning to haul out on Wednesday, last Friday they told  me that the engine was all back together hoses connected and would be back on sat to bleed the fuel, add coolant and oil.

Sat the mechanic showed up, after a few hours I didn't hear the motor running and walked out to the boat and found two mechanics and the engine was torn apart, damn.

Was informed that the engine was frozen and wouldn't turn over ??  but that I shouldn't worry,  also they burned up the starter !!

After they used a liberal amount of PB Blaster in the cylinder , they left with the engine torn apart and the starter in hand said they would be back in the morning.

Didn't show up (it was Sunday) understand

waiting on them to show up today

A couple is showing up today and tomorrow we are supposed to take the boat up the river  for a haul out (about a 10 hour trip) Then head South. may not happen.

unbelievable !!!!!

this engine is turning into a nightmare,


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