bad news and good news

Well Shit,

my mechanic ruined my engine, it now has very little compression. I guess that when you leave the head off the engine for 2 months and fail to protect the pistons and sleeves  from the elements and the engine freezes up and wont turn over then after two weeks and alot of crap poured into the cylinders to unfreeze the pistons you end up with no compression.  which renders the engine useless.

I am repowering with a new engine a Beta Marine 50 towing the boat in the morning to a facility here in Ft Myers should take about two weeks (hopefully) and 20K OUCH ,  then it's off to the Bahamas to be poor. However a new engine gives me a new sense of confidence.

In the meantime, I have been doing some painting, varnishing, electrical and a little wood work got a new electrical panel and a new back panel, cleaned up my wiring nest. Just waiting for the new engine. looking for someone to go with me (if you know of anyone) just ready to get the hell out of here.


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