Mean While

March 25, 2020

Well this sucks. the corona virus is affecting everybody and everything so time is running out. Since i need to be back in may for my daughters birth,

I have made a decision.

Since my engine is still a few weeks away, I will not be going to the bahamas.  I need to move out of my rented house at the end of april. The boat should be ready by then, and I'm plan on going to key west and the surrounding area. Chillin out at anchor

I will return and haul  the boat out of water for the hurricane season and then head out west, oh yes i got a new ride.

I will be exploring the  National park ( if they open them )   I plan on sheltering in place under a pine tree.

I have been sheltering in place for almost 3 years.  Anyway, see ya on the road in May


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