Good news / Bad news

April 6th. 2020

The good news is that the engine is ready to ship, the bad news is that its at  the factory, and it's  shut down. So I thought,  no problem I would drive up to North Carolina and pick up my engine bring her back and I would be off, problem solved, Not so fast. My engine is at the factory but the factory is in england !! where it was built, it was supposed to be flown here this week.


So I have no idea when the engine will be here

I have been taking Bailey for a ride in the dinghy, to get him used to it, for a dog that hates water he is doing alright. 
He doesn't like to get in the dinghy but when we are tooling around he accepts it.
the other day i was getting the dinghy ready and Bailey was sitting out side watching, when i called him he turned and walk back into the house.  My sailing partner.

Just spending time drinking beer,  playing poker on line and bingeing TV shows, love Star Trek, The Next Generation



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