Its here !!!

Ok, so the engine was  installed on friday. arrived my house that evening. my grandkids (two little girls) and their father joined me on Sunday for our peaceville ride fron Cape Coral to Port Charlotte to haul the boat out for the hurricane season while i trance about in the western parks in my truck camper. 3/4 of the day was gloris. we saw Dolphins, anchored and swam and had lunch.  when we arrived at chatlotte bay the weather changed we had rain showers all around us and the weather continued to get worse. It was blowing at 40 - 50 knots and waves were breaking over the boat. We were in the bay with no were to go,  we sluged . and when we got to where we needed to be, behind land, the waves reduced to mild, the wind also diminished, we anchored and grilled hamburgers Oh well , their loss. the next day we hauled the boat and drove home tomarrow
 The good news is that the engine performed great. now its off to the New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah in my truck camper for 5 months, moving out of the rental house and leaving.  its been a hell of a last few days



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