back from my camping odessy in the great west

 I have been on a 3 month camping tour of the Rocky Mountains. I have a 2017 Ford F-250 Super cab with a diesel turbo and a Palomino popup camper. It currently has 54000 miles, bought it with 37,000 miles. I camped out in the popup nearly every night

Traveled through Fl, AL, LA, TX, OK, NM, CO, WY, MO, ID, WA, UT, AZ and back to Fl.

The trip was amazing, saw some spectacular country, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, enormous rock formations in Utah and amazing scenery in AZ. Camped in national Forrest and did a lot of dispersed camping when I could. Stayed away from state campgrounds (to expensive) Montana and Idaho were incredible, wasn’t very keen on Yellowstone just too many people. I had reservations for 3 nights at the campgrounds in Yellowstone, but left after two days because it was more like condo camping, not a fan. 25 miles South of Jackson was very nice. Traveled from the Canadian border down to the Mexican border. Followed  the Luis and Clark expedition route in Montana and Idaho.

I was planning on putting my sailboat back in the water but could not find a marina that had space so I am leaving the boat on land for a few more months ( until hurricane season is officially over ) then i’ll head South in December to a new discovery

Some pics      


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