Back in Florida

September 17 2020 

I am back in Florida after a 3 month camping trip through the Rocky Mountains, went north to the Canadian border (accidently went into Canada, but thats another story) and down to 20 miles from the Mexican border. visited Lousiana, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington State, Utah, Arizona, and back to Florida,

I camped out almost every night in my Palamino pop up truck camper. camped in national campground and dispersed camping area. Stayed away from state parks (to expensive). Dispersed camping is the best, by yourself, along a river or lake or under a mountain. Had the best time. Explored Montana, Idaho. and Wyoming. followed the Lewis and Clark expedition through Montana, Idaho and Washington State and the remote Bitterroot mountains.


I came back to Florida to put the boat in the water and live on it at a marina, however, i could not find a marina that had any space. none, huge wait list so I left it on land. I will put her in the water around dec, well after hurricane season. currently I am renting a small house in Taveras, Fl close to my daughter and her children


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